On Mother’s Day, May 13, we will be having baby dedication services.  We have several new babies at LCC.  The babies’ parents want to publically commit to bringing them up in a Christian home and teaching them the faith so at the earliest possible age the child will commit his or her life to Jesus Christ and be baptized.  As a church we want to commit to helping the parents with their commitment. 
I will lead the church family into prayer for the baby and the parents.
As was traditionally done by the Hebrew people, on the eight day after Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:21) Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple to be dedicated to the Lord.
This is a great memory for the parents and a reminder for them to live a life of Christian integrity so the child will see faith in action. 
I have been hearing a buzz about “The Avengers” movie that came out this week.  People stayed up till the late hours of the night, or the early hours of the morning to be the first ones to see the movie.  People love super heroes.  The trailer says the Avengers were a group of super heroes pulled together to handle the problems that regular people could not. 
I have always enjoyed studying our Biblical Heroes.  God always chose regular people like you and me and used them to do super God things.  This Sunday we will be looking at a man named Jabez.  He is mentioned very briefly in the OT, but he obviously meant a lot to God.  The Bible said he was honored above the rest of his brothers?  Why? 
We will look at this passage on Jabez and a few other Scriptures this Sunday to see “How to Develop Your Spiritual Confidence.”  I talk to Christians all the time that doubt and struggle with their faith.  They think you have to be super spiritual to be used by God or to get the blessings God has for us.  It’s not true.  By making a few simple adjustments in your prayer life and the living out of your faith, you can become the person that God uses to do things that nonspiritual people can’t.
You don’t have to be a super hero for God to use you.  He would prefer to use regular people who admit they need God.