Lisa and I were sitting at the table with oLisa and I were sitting at the table with our kids one day this week and Brooke said, “I just love the people at LCC.” She went on to talk about how loving LCCers were and how they go out of their way to help and be kind. A statement like that is music to the ears to the pastor of a church. LCCers really do practice being “God’s love with skin”. As I talk to guests of LCC I hear over and over again how friendly and welcoming we are. I agree with Brooke and our guests. One of the reasons I love my job so much is the love that is freely given by LCCers.

Jesus said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world you are my disciples.” John 13:35 We all have our bad days. It is our job, our calling, to encourage one another and to lift one another up. 1 Thes 5:11 Growing in Unity is the key to becoming spiritually mature in Christ. We are meant to be part of a church family, a community of faith.

I love God’s church. I love LCC. I thank God over and over again for showing His love through believers, through His family, through LCC.

The last couple of weeks at our church were incredible LCC Family times in which our guests felt the love. Last week we had our annual chili cook off. Several of our first time guests stayed for the grub after church. That’s unusual, to stay I mean. Most times guests leave immediately after the service because they don’t really know anyone and they don’t want to get trapped by the pastor. 😉 They stayed either because the smell of the chili was irresistible, or they were made to feel so welcome. I think it was a good combination.

LCCers love when we have family events. It was a great day. Thanks to all who stepped up to the plate and made it happen. I love the way everyone jumps right in and helps with cleanup after. That’s love in the form of a servants attitude.

Easter Sunday was an extra time of blessing. It was our first two service Sunday. Volunteers just showed up with a “put me where you need me” attitude. It was incredible.

I apologize for not listing names, because there were a bunch each week.

It was hard to get an exact count of how many people were there because we had some people who served and went to both services. But …. The best we can tell we had around 200 people on Easter Sunday. Cameron and our worship team did a great job musically leading us in worship. LCCers were all hands on deck to make sure our guests felt welcomed and knew where to go. And best of all …. God showed up big time. We had five or six first time guest families and in the last two weeks we have had six people commit their lives to Christ and many asked for prayer as they made recommitments in their faith. LCCers brought friends and we saw a good result from our mailer.

Please pray for our guests as they consider becoming part of the Life Connection Church family.

This Sunday I will be teaching part two of “F” Words that Make a Difference”. This week is “Freedom”. We live in a country where freedom is our middle name. Yet people are trapped in their minds and hearts and the results of that are any number of symptoms including depression, anxiety, addictions, bad relationships, lack of commitment. The list goes on and on. This week we will be looking at what it means to have biblical freedom.

I promise… This kind of freedom is really life changing. Come listen and engage and bring a friend.

I hope to see you Sunday…..

Blessings from your brotha from anotha motha