Last Sunday was a pretty incredible day at LCC.  The response to our mailer and LCCers bringing friends made for a day with our best attendance since moving to our own place on Nutmeg.  We had a near full room, a full parking lot and the Holy Spirit was present as we worshiped God through music and learning from His Word.  I love that all of life’s questions are answered through God our Father and the Holy Bible.  And when we worship and learn together, you can feel God’s grace and the joy and love in the room.

 Join us on this Sunday as we look at How to “Work at Expressing Your Love”.  When I was a counselor I read a book that changed and improved my approach to marriage counseling and improved my marriage.  That book was The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  I have a short list of books I recommend to couples in pre-marital counseling and this book is one of them.
This Sunday we will be looking at the book of Genesis and  how God made Adam and Eve, and why it is so hard to understand each other.  I have had men and women sit in my office and wonder why they have such a hard time communicating their love to their spouses.  She would say, “He doesn’t love me anymore.”  He would say, “Of course I love you, I tell you that all the time.”  They both did love each other.  They were just speaking different love languages.
This is a great lesson on how to communicate love in the important relationships in your life including your children.  There is a short assessment you can take at  before you come to church Sunday.  It will give you an idea of what love language you speak.