Dear Friends and Family of LCC,
It’s Saturday….  I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to Sunday.  God is so good and it is so uplifting and life changing to come together with other believers and worship through music, serving and learning God’s Word.
Many of your friends and neighbors need to connect or reconnect with the same Christ that has changed your life so much….. People need relief from the pressures of life that are magnified by being disconnected from God.  You can be their lifeline.
Our mailer went out yesterday to 10,000 homes around our Nutmeg address.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to use it to draw people to God and to the local church.  There are so many marriages out there that are completely falling apart or just limping along.  This four week series I will be teaching, along with a Monday night Marriage Enrichment class (Beginning Feb 20)  will help people get on the right track or to learn things about being in a good marriage they have never known.  Please pray for those who need to be there to be there.
I have heard in the counseling office, over and over again, “I still love him, I am just not in love with him.” I will be teaching the same things I taught couples in marriage and premarital counseling.  Its Biblical and it’s life changing.
This Sunday I will be finishing the series: Actually, That’s Not in in the Bible.  This weeks topic is “If I Doubt, I Must Not Have Faith.”
We all struggle with doubt sometimes.  It’s what you do with doubt that determines if you grow or get weak in your faith.
Tomorrow is also “Communion Sunday.”
Bring a friend
God Bless