Life Connection Church has always been known for being friendly.  After all, we strive to be God’s love with skin.  For the last year and a half we have been renting time to do church from two other churches so our ability to hangout before and after church has been difficult.  Now we have a place, and the time to hang out.  I was sitting in our new Life House Cafe last night just thinking how comfortable and nicely decorated it is and what a great room we have.  It really feels like home.  When we were renting for a year and a half on Nutmeg we needed to get out in a hurry so the other church could do church.  Our service was too early for most people to come and have coffee before church. 

 So…. Come a little early and hang around after the service…. Beginning this Sunday our service time will be 10:15am

 I have been polling the church for the last month on service time preference for when we go to two services.  We have a good mix of those who prefer the early or the late.  We will be going to two services on Easter Sunday, April 8

 In the mean time…..  Come early and stay late to the 10:15 service.  The time is in the middle so the early people will come a little late and the late a little early till Easter.  Then we will have a service time for everyone.  Also, a 10:15 service time is an answer to, “My friends say 9:15 is too early for church.”  Keep asking your friends…  That’s the best way to grow LCC.  Be an asker and a bringer.

 We have our first outreach  “New Home Mailer” going out next week.  It will be advertising a new teaching series. Beginning Feb 12….

 Series TitleFalling in Love is Easy … It Takes Work to Stay In Love

 I was a marriage counselor before I became a pastor.  I often heard, “I still love him, but I am not in love with him.” 

 In this four week teaching series I will teach “the work” part of staying in love that I saw heal marriages over and over again in my counseling practice.  If you plan on being married some day, want to improve a pretty good marriage, or want to save a marriage that’s looking pretty bad, please join me for this teaching.   You will learn “the work” part of staying in love or falling back in love. 

 If you are willing to work, you will be able to love.

 The Work of Staying in Love

Feb 12:  Working at Love

Feb 19:  Work at Expressing Your Love

Feb 26:  Working When Your Needs Are Not Met

March 4:  Working at Having Good Fights

 Git-R-Done Saturday.  We will be completing our move this Saturday Jan 28 ..  Reply if you can help…  8:30am start time

 At 8:30am we will give away anything that is not already sold or that we are taking to the church.  Then we will be hauling off what is left.  Restoration Church has been so kind to allow us to use their space.  As was God’s timing, as we found our new place, they sold their old place to the HEB school district.  They will be demolishing the building and we are to completely clean out all of our stuff…..

 We need some more volunteers.  It will be organized and we will Git-R-Done as fast as possible.  This will be our last big work day for awhile.