Dear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,

I hope you are having an awesome fall day. I have a thanks, a couple of updates, and a coming this Sunday note for you.

Thanks      Thanks so much to those of you who were able to serve last weekend in the CPR project. We painted and roofed a house in Bedford. The owner of the home came out and talked to me for a little while. He was extremely grateful. He had to leave his employment at the School district three years before he was eligible for full retirement for health reasons. He is not a man who goes to church. He was surprised and impressed that LCC and three other churches work working on his house. I told him that “we just like to be God’s love with skin.”

Building Update     There are still a few contract details being worked out by the two attorneys. Don’t worry … It looks good. They are minor dotting of the “I”s and crossing the “T”s. The signing date has been moved back but it is going to happen. We still need to raise about $60,000.00 in the next 60 days. Continue to pray and to give. You can give online at

LCCers are excited. We are looking forward to having our own place and using the new building like crazy for worship, discipleship, children and youth, and as a home base to be God’s love with skin to each other, our community and the world. I have already had several requests for another dessert and coffee night. Count me in.

Keep praying for LCC and for New Life to find a new place to meet……

  • TBA but soon- Signing of contract and taking possession of new home and half of down payment is due ($50,000) (May be moved back a little working on contract issues)
  • 60 days later- Second half of down payment is due
  • Dec 24 – Our first midnight Christmas Eve Service in our own home….
  • Jan 2012 — ReGrand opening of Life Connection Church ……

New Very cool LCC website coming soon….

Sunday    Please join us Sunday and bring a friend. I will be teaching: Show, Tell and Bring … We will be answering questions like: What is a common fear among most Christians? Now that we have a building, how are we going to grow? What are some of Royal’s most favorite, get me pumped up, Bible Scriptures?

Bring a friend…. You know they will feel welcome and be taught the Bible practically and understandably? Are those real words? You know what I mean.

Life Connection Church … God’s love with skin.

Your brotha from anotha motha