Dear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,
If you are part of the LCC family or a supporter of LCC, you are part of an important time in the history and the future of Life Connection Church.  We are about to own our own building to be used exclusively for carrying out the work God has called us to do as a church.    We are about to have the facility to grow our children, youth, adult discipleship and outreach ministries and put us in the position to go the next step to making a larger impact and being God’s love with skin than we ever have been before. 
So… Some of you are asking, “Royal, how can I help?”  “Where do I start?”  I am glad you asked.
Start where you are.  That’s right, I know it seems simple, but it takes faith to start.  I talk to people all the time that say things like, “You know as soon as I get to this place in my life I will start serving God.”  or “When my finances get straightened out I want to start giving to the church.”   or how about, “I can’t imagine how God could use I guy like me to make a difference?”   You will never know, if you never start.  And if you start, you will be so glad you did.  Your life will change and you will know God like you have never known Him before.  As you go forward you will grow your faith and be able to grow more and more and more.    
Here is the deal…..  You …..  That’s right …. You are God’s church.  You are God’s family.  And throughout the Word of God it is pretty clear, wherever you are in your life, God does not want you sitting on the fence waiting for the right circumstances to be involved in His Church.  He wants you to start where you are, in the situation you are in, using the talents and the resources you have.  There is not a magic number or a special situation to wait on.  God says start where you are.  It is not about how much you know, how spiritual you are, or how much you owe.  It is about sacrificing your life to be a Christ-Following, God obeying person of faith.
You cannot, it is impossible, to please God without faith.  Heb 11:6   If you wait till it seems easy, it is not faith.  You are commanded by God to start right where you are being sacrificially faithful with what you have and in the middle of your circumstances.  Jesus carried His cross, took on the burden to free us.  Then he commanded that we pick up our cross and follow Him.  He said that if we don’t pick up our cross, we can’t even call ourselves His followers.   Matt 16:24   Matt 10:38  
It is about right here and right now.  Right where you are as you read these words, commit to being His and picking up your cross as it lays there beside you and following Him now.  It takes faith to pick it up.  And you can’t please God without faith.
I am looking forward to celebrating the future of LCC Sunday.  Let’s recommit together.  Bring yourself and your offerings toward the new building.  God says “Test Me”.  He will bless you like you have never been blessed before.
This Sunday we will continue to look at the Hebrew people as they went back to Jerusalem and built their temple.  It was not popular, people were against them, and they were afraid.  But they went forward in faith, because God’s people need God’s church……  This Sunday’s Message is “Why Do We Need the Church Anyway?“.
Please join us and keep inviting your friends. 
We have borrowed a baptismal.  Do you want to get baptized?  Email me and let me know or if you have any questions.
Here are some important dates…
  • Oct 9 – Commitment Sunday and Baptisms
  • Oct 18 – Signing of contract and taking possession of new home and half of down payment is due ($50,000) 
  • Dec 15 – Second half of down payment is due
  • Dec 24 –  Our first midnight Christmas Eve Service in our own home….
  • Jan 2012 — ReGrand opening of Life Connection Church ……
Throughout Scripture, God did amazing supernatural things with regular people like you and me as long as they went forward in faith and obedience.  We are going forward and we are excited to see the supernatural work of God through us….  Life Connection Church … God’s love with skin.
Your brotha from anotha motha