Dear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,
I hope your week is going well.  I am sitting on my back porch writing this and wincing just a little bit every once in awhile.  My doctor sent me to the hospital on Wednesday night and I came home with a Kidney Stone.  I have not had the big pain that “every single person” I talk to warns me about.  So far just lots of discomfort.  It is so weird how quick people will tell you its gonna be the worse pain you have ever had.  So…If you have had a Kidney Stone and it did not hurt very much, I would appreciated an encouraging email.  Please no more terrible pain stories.   And I would appreciate prayers along the line of “Dear God, please let Royal pass this stone without a whole lot of pain, or … If it be Your will….Just make it disappear.  Thanks for the prayers ahead of time.
I have the contract for the purchase of LCC new home.  I received it last night via email and we are having it examined by a lawyer who specializes in real estate. 
Tuesday night’s Dessert and Coffee LCC Family meeting was awesome.  We had a great turnout.  We had some incredible dessert including a couple of special cakes celebrating LCC getting our own place.  You can see pictures at LCC Facebook Page
We always talk about LCC being God’s love with skin.  You can really feel that love when we gather to hang out like we did Tuesday night.  Several LCCers shared their My Church Testimonies about why LCC is their church and it was emotional and exciting.  As a pastor to hear your church family say that the love of the people and the teaching of God’s word is what makes LCC their church made for an incredible and emotional night for all of us.
The other reason for gathering on Tuesday night was to present the opportunity at hand for LCC to purchase the New Life Family Church building in which we are now meeting.  If you would like the info presented on Tuesday I will have copies at church this Sunday.  I should have a video of the presentation along with the testimonies from Tuesday night also.
We have designated October 9th as Commitment Sunday at LCC.  There will be a special collection to give toward the building fund.  LCCers will be handing in financial commitment cards for the building and the coming year and we will be recommitting to being participating members of Life Connection Church. 
We will also be baptizing on on the 9thIf you want to get baptized or talk to me to know more about baptism please reply to this email and I will give you a call…. 
LCC Dates to know and be praying toward:
  • Oct 2 – Communion Sunday and continuing teaching in Ezra on Going Home 360 back to 360
  • Oct 9 – Commitment Sunday and Baptisms
  • Oct 18 – Signing of contract and taking possession of new home and half of down payment is due
  • Dec 15 – Second half of down payment is due
  • Dec 24 –  Our first midnight Christmas Eve Service in our own home….
Throughout Scripture, God did amazing supernatural things with regular people like you and me as long as they went forward in faith and obedience.  We are going forward and we are excited to see the supernatural work of God through us….  Life Connection Church … God’s love with skin.
Your brotha from anotha motha