Dear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,
I know I have said it before, many times.  I love the excitement that comes with following God and studying and teaching God’s Word.  It’s supernatural.  I don’t mean it’s always miraculous, but it is obviously not human.  When you are obeying God, and following Him the best you can, He does God Supernatural Stuff.  God wants to be in the middle of whatever His kids do and He wants to show us that He is participating. And the more you look for Him to do His thing, the more you see it.  Most people don’t see it because they don’t even look for it….. 
I am just a regular guy, like most of you, and the longer I follow God the more amazed I am.  From the day I committed to following Him seriously, I have seen him work in my life and the ministries He called me to, over and over and over again.  He moves people, he provides resources, he clears pathways, my list goes on and on….  I keep thinking I need to write a book with a title like, “I am Just A Regular Guy Who God Likes to Use Supernaturally”.  Not much of a title, but you get it.
I felt like we were stuck…. As a church, I felt like we were stuck on Saturday nights on the wrong side of town and getting very discouraged….  You know, doubt and all that stuff.  I know, silly huh, with all the things I have seen God do in the last twenty years I was struggling with doubt.  I used to think the Israelites were crazy to doubt, but we all struggle with it when we are down. 
So….  I called on the church to start praying.  Praying Until Something Happens….  And Bam…..  God moved people, He connected people, He opened doors.  He did the supernatural only God could have done.  And I don’t know about you…  But I want to keep it supernatural.  What a field to be playing on.
So here is the deal…. In your lives and mine …. God does the  supernatural …. But He does not do it if we are just sitting still … He wants us being obedient and moving forward in faith.  Without moving forward, there is no faith.  And faith is what it takes to worship and please God.   When we move, He moves.  When we step, He opens.  When we give, He provides.  When we sacrificially worship Him, He more than makes it worth our effort by doing things for which we can give Him glory.  He does the supernatural.  He likes us to look back and say, “Wow…God did that… Thank you God… Hey friend, did you see what God did?   It had to be God, because it was supernatural.”
I am excited about the opportunity that God has supernaturally laid before usHe gave us a place to step in faith.  Now what do we do next?
 We trust.  And we take a big step of faith as individual Christ followers and as a church family.  We are God’s church and He wants us to do God stuff.
Just like God did for the Israelites, as we are studying in Ezra, He is giving us our own home.  We just have to take it.
If you are part of the LCC family:
  • Please join us on Tuesday Sept 27 at 7:00pm for a dessert and coffee family meeting to discuss and pray about our (LCC) and your opportunity of faith to get our own place of worship.  It will be a good family night.  We will be providing childcare.  Please RSVP, if you did not turn in a connect card on Sunday, so we will know how many are attending and how many need childcare. 
  • Pray…Pray….Pray…. Pray for God to provide the funds so we can get into the building and have enough to do ministry and outreach well. 
  • Pray … Pray … Pray for how you can help by serving and giving.  What kind of one time gift can you give toward the building and how you can praticipate financially in the new budget.  Think and pray outside the human box.
  • Pray….  We want to close and take possession of the building by Oct 15 or earlier……
  • Bring friends to church…. Help us grow……  This is your church family….
If you are a friend of LCC and not part of the family….
  • If you are looking for a church family to plug into.. come join us… we are fun people who love God and love people.
  • If you would like to give financially to Life Connection Church to help purchase the first home of our own you and we will be blessed and I thank you.
  • Pray for us….  God does the supernatural….  and it takes prayer….
I am blessed to be a regular guy who gets to Pastor an incredible family of God called LIfe Connection Church.  I thank God for the blessing and I am very excited about our future faith opportunities…..
Lets look for the Supernatural….  Let’s look for and expect the movement of God withink our church and in your lives.