Dear Friends and Family of Life Connection Church,

I know you have not heard from me in a couple of weeks so you are probably looking forward to a long email (Not) but this one is going to be short and sweet.
 Vacation:  Lisa and I had a great week cruising across the Caribbean for seven days.  The tropical storm made one day pretty rough.  I passed the test and did not get sea sick and of that I am really thankful.  There were many others that did not pass the test.
Thankful:  I am so thankful to have awesome people at LCC that made it possible to go away and know the church was in good hands.  You made our guest speaker and worship leaders feel very welcome and comfortable.    Thanks to Billy Taylor and Cameron Williams for filling in.  I have heard some great feedback.
Building Update:  Yesterday afternoon we received our appraisal on the Nutmeg address. (We are in the ballpark)   I did not want to negotiate any further till we were in the know on the worth of the building.  We will be meeting with the New Life leadership on Monday afternoon at 4:00pm to continue negotiations.  PLEASE PRAY … 
  • Pray for wisdom for the leadership of both churches.  We both want to be in God’s will.
  • Pray for the deal to be a true God blessing for both churches.
  • Pray for God to provide and for your role in that provision both financially and organizationally.
  • Pray for who you are going to bring to LCC
We are so ready to have our own place and get after being God’s love with skin and making a positive impact on our community for Christ while bringing people to Christ through the ministries of LCC. 
Remembering 9/11:  This Sunday, 9/11, we will remember that painful day in our history and have a special time of prayer.  I will also be showing a very moving video that you have not seen anywhere else.
We were a brand new church when 9/11 happened.  I will be teaching “What I Learned About Church from 9/11“.  This event and time in our history changed my perspective on church and solidified my biblically based belief of what the church of Jesus Christ is supposed to be.
Bring a friend and I am looking forward to seeing my church family.
God Bless