The 23rd Psalm is known by most people as the Scripture that is read at funerals.  People that have never read a Bible are familiar with “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

The Psalm goes on to read that God takes care of His people, and God’s people, according to the first two Words of the Passage, are those who believe and call Him Lord.  He is our Shepherd, and the role of a shepherd is to take care of the sheep, who when compared to the shepherd, are not very smart.  The shepherd knows what is best for the sheep better than the sheep.

Part of the faith of the believer is the hope that comes from having faith that the shepherd will provide, according to our needs. 

Last week I attended my Uncle Carrol’s funeral.  It was one of those Texas 100 degree days we have been having this summer.  The service was planned in the morning so it would be cooler for those in attendance.  A long procession of family and friends followed the silver hearse to the cemetery at about 11:00am. 

I was a pall bearer and it was already really hot as we carried Uncle Carrol’s casket to the grave site.  There was a green awning or tent that covered a small area so the family and a few others could squeeze under to avoid the now penetrating heat of the son.  You could tell the pastor was working to keep our time there very short and sweet under the heat.

It was time for the reading of the 23rd Psalm.  As we started to read I thought, “Lord what we need right now is a cool breeze.” 

My memories of uncle Carrol were one’s that included a smile and a laugh.  Uncle Carrol was a joy to be around.  His son-in-law during the eulogy confirmed my memories.  Even in his last days he had an attitude that was more joyful and accepting of his circumstance than anything else.  When you were around Uncle Carrol, he was a cool breeze.

So we started to read together.  “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters.” 

Then it happened.  On that hot August day in Lufkin Texas, a cool breeze from the Shepherd blew through the tent and reminded us that the Shepherd knows what we need. 

Our Shepherd is always aware of, and wants to provide us with what we need, no matter how big or seemingly how small. 

Sometimes, we just need a cool breeze