I was one of those kids who got sick at my stomach and hated going to school.  I liked the socializing that went on at school but I never enjoyed the classwork.  All the way through high school I just did what I had to do to not fail.  Football was my first love and I could not play if I did not pass…. So I passed… Just barely

I was not motivated in any way to learn for the sake of learning.  I thought I knew what I needed to know to get by and I never liked the idea of learning something because someone said I had to learn it. 

That changed for me when I upped my commitment level as a Christian in my mid twenties.  All of the sudden, not only was I excited about God and getting to know Him better, I developed a hunger for learning.  With my new-found seriousness about God came a new desire to learn.

As becoming a disciple of Christ became my lifestyle so did learning.  I went back to college and became a “straight A” student.  I had made it through high school without reading a book and now I was going to the library and maxing out my card.  I did not break from learning between semesters.  I would try to cram as much learning from the materials I chose while I was not having to learn what the professors assigned.

I had a new joy when interacting with people.  I loved to learn what I could learn from others.  It made conversations and getting to know people way more interesting.  For most people, their favorite topic is themselves, so you end up making more friends and knowing them better.

One of the things I really love about learning is that I hope to be able to sit down with anyone and show interest while having a decent, intelligent conversation.  When you are a learner you communicate better and you understand more.

Are you a learner???  You don’t have to be “smart” to be a learner.  Most people are way more intelligent than I.  But I try.

I think there are some key attitudes one has to have to be a lifestyle learner..

  • Humility… If you want to learn you have to realize you still need to learn and to learn from others you have to realize they have something of value
  • Be excited about learning… You learn faster and more if you are excited about it….
  • Put yourself in “all the time learning mode”… Be a sponge
  • Read… All kinds of reading not just in your field or the sports page.  There is a ton of wisdom out there that can rub off on you.  (Some guys think novels are a waste of brain cells.  They are not.. They are a creative source and a way to relax while still picking up some wisdom)  I have several blogs I check out every day)
  • Bible:  Don’t forget to take in a daily dose of God’s Word.  You need the Truth Standard with which to measure up the other stuff you take in.
  • Physical, Mental, Spiritual Health:  I have noticed if I am not in physical, spiritual, and emotional shape, I am not in good learning condition.

Be a lifestyle learner.  I can guarantee it will make for a much more interesting life.