Last Sunday at Life Connection Church was an awesome morning.  We are still loving being back on Sundays.  A special thanks to my friend Cameron Williams who was our guest worship leader.   He did a great job and it was nice hearing a keyboard in the mix.  LCCers responded by participating in a great time of worship.   It was a joyful, Godful time.  (I am not sure if Godful is a word but it ought to be)  He will be back with us again this Sunday.  Cameron and God.

We added something to our Sunday mornings and our week.  Scripture memorization.  That’s right.  We teach the Bible every Sunday and we study it during the week, but how many of us actually memorize it, or “Hide it in our hearts?”

I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”  Ps 40:8

As the pastor, the spiritual leader of LCC, I feel greatly convicted, and inspired,  that I as your pastor, you as followers of Christ, and us as the body of Christ need to write more of God’s instructions on our hearts.  If we are really looking for God’s will in our individual lives and as a church, the Word of God needs to be written on our hearts.  And putting it there, needs to be a discipline.  I and we can help each other in this important obedience of faith. 

So… to help get it cranked up.  This Sunday past we added the LEAP verse of the week.  Our adults were given a verse of the week in big church while our kids were given a verse in Kid Connection to go with their lesson for the week.  Not only will intentionally  “hiding God’s Word” in our hearts teach us to think toward and learn God’s will, but doing it together will give us a stronger sense of unity as a church family.  If you have kids, sitting down with them and learning your verse and their’s will make for some awesome family quality time and bless you all spiritually.

LEAP, at LCC, stands for Listen, Engage, Apply, Produce.  Listen to the Word, meditate on it and receive It’s meaning as it applies to your life, and produce the fruits of God’s will as you practice living according to His Word.  My hope is that this group exercise will spur you on toward hiding more of God’s promises, commands, and instruction in your heart and life.

I will post more on studying and memorizing Scripture in days to come.

Our LEAP verses for this week (In Sunday’s Bulletin)

AdultsYour word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.  Ps 119:105 NLT

KidsFaith By itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead.  James 2:17 NIV

Take a LEAP.  Hide Scripture in Your Heart.