Life Connection Church in Euless, TX
I am reading The Outsider Interviews – A New Generation Speaks Out On Christianity by Henderson, Hunter and Spinks.  It just amazes me, although its not news to me, the way Christians are perceived by the world.  Most non-Christian people see Christians, not Jesus, in a negative light.  For years I have seen surveys that say, “We like Jesus, but we don’t like the people who claim to follow him.” 
Some of you have heard my stories as a church planter and the negative attitudes about Christian churches I received when trying to do business with businesses who have had bad experiences with churches.  Many churches have an attitude when dealing with others.  Its kind of an attitude of “I am better than you and if I don’t do things right I am forgiven, so it really doesn’t matter what you think of me.  I know God loves me and that’s all that counts.” 
You might be thinking, “Give me a break Royal.”  But its true.  I have seen it happen and I have heard the anger of the people who have experienced the “swagger” of Christians.
As a church, LCC has always tried to go above and beyond doing business well.  We are representing Christ who showed us and taught us by his deeds and then His Words how to love God and love people.  Jesus said that what people should be receiving from us is “love”, not just in word, but in deed.
As individual walking, talking, interacting with the world Christians we are to always strive to be God’s love with skin above all else in all we do.  As a whole, we have not represented Jesus well.  To the people in the world that we are a part of, Christians do not practice what we preach and we say we love but we love very conditionally.  The condition many Christians demand is “if you will believe and act like us, we will love you.”  
What we often think is holiness is perceived as intolerance by the non-Christians.  And what is most important while trying to communicate Good News is not what we say, its what is heard.  We can not use the intolerance of others as justification for our own intolerance.  We are to take it to another level, as Jesus did.
According to The Outsider Interviews, we come across as believing we are the insiders and they are the outsiders.
In the interviews, people are asked, “If you thought Christians would listen to you, what would you tell them?” 
Some responses were:
  • Respect my views
  • Make a friend
  • Be for something. (Christians seem to just be against things)
  • Read the Bible  (You will find out you are not acting like Jesus)
  • Christians are rude, judgemental, anti, and smug.  (They don’t like what one lady called the “Swagger” of Christians)
You know that Love God and love people, being God’s love with skin is what we strive for as a church.  We need to always be aware that we need to love before we tell.  People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.
This Sunday I will be teaching a message I am calling, “Jesus Loved Before He Said.  Let’s Be Like Jesus”
See ya Sunday at 9:15…. Bring a friend..
God Bless