I hope this note finds you well.  I know some of you like to do some summer reading when you go on vacation, by the pool, or just because the TV is all about reruns.  SO… I want to make a recommendation.  I am part of a men’s discipleship group that reads a book every month.  We read books to help us grow and develop as leaders and then we get together once a month and teach each other what we learned from the book. 
Of the Twelve books we read as a group this year the one that seemed to be the favorite surprised me.  It is not the kind of book we usually read, but it had been recommended to me by a friend.  Its an easy and quick read and I read it in an evening and then chose it for our June book.  We met last night and the consensus was it seemed to be the most inspiring on the list.  Several of the guys said they had already recommended it to a friend or bought some copies and handed them out.
So what is it?  It is a book about a four year old boy who had a near death experience and a beyond the doctor’s belief miracle healing.   Over a period of time he told his parents about the experience he had visiting heaven and meeting Jesus, among others.  The Book isHeaven is For Real”.    It is currently #6 on Amazon and according to USA Today it was the number one seller for the second quarter of 2011.
Before you make a judgment based on the title as I did, read it.  It is encouraging, inspiring, and healing.  Thanks to Logan for recommending it.
I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.  The first three weeks on Sunday at New Life have been awesome.  God is good and being with God’s people is even better.  I love the current level of excitement at LCC.  We have had new families visit our church every week since the move
I am currently teaching through some messages that I hope will encourage us to become more sold out as believers and give some inspiration toward reaching our unchurched friends and living the life of a believer.
This Sunday we will be having communion and I will be teaching an awesome Jesus miracle story from the book of John.  I am calling it, “If You Want a Miracle, Give it to the Miracle Worker“.
Hope to see you Sunday and bring a friend. 
God Bless