After years of counseling people in all types of situations, I sincerely believe

  1. Parents are the most powerful influence on their children
  2. Fathers. whether they want to or not, present or absent, have maybe the most spiritual influence on their daughters.

Although this is my observation, I have read studies that show children who have a strong Christian witness from their fathers have a much higher retention rate to Christianity than children who do not have the positive spiritual influence of a father.

In a recent post by Pastor Perry Noble he wrote of “Seven Things I Try to do in Order to Raise a Godly Daughter

Here is what he wrote.

#1 – I date her mother EVERY week!!!  (One of the best things I can do as a father is make sure that the foundation at home is SOLID…and that WILL NOT happen without Lucretia and I spending time together.)

#2 – I am at home with my family nearly EVERY night (a ministry calendar does not dominate me…I dominate it!)  Lucretia and I both put her to bed, and I sing songs to her and do whatever it takes to hear her laugh.

#3 – I take her on a date every week…and in those dates I actually talk to her.  (I do not put in a DVD for a five minute drive to Chic-Fil-A!!!  I try my best to have conversations now with her while she is four so that she will actually want to talk with me when she is fourteen!)

#4 – I establish clear boundaries and enforce them.  In other words…Lucretia and I are the parents which actually means loving her enough to say “NO” to her at times.

#5 – We have made “fun” a core value in our family, there are times when I come home at night and want to dive onto the couch and do nothing…but if I do that she will grow up seeing church take the best part of my day (thus causing her to get the leftovers) which could cause her to resent what Jesus actually died for.

#6 – We talk about God’s Word…and I allow her to ask questions without getting angry at her.

#7 – We pray together every night…I always want her to remember that her daddy made it a priority to pray with her.  I’m not telling her to pray…I’m teaching her how.

Just a few thoughts.