I remember that when I wasn’t very excited about God I wasn’t very excited about church.  Church was a pain, it didn’t seem very relevant to my life.   I went to church sporadically out of guilt and some kind of sense that to be a decent, I wasn’t even shooting for good, person I needed to participate.  Participation was no more than attendance, and bored attendance at that.

Then one day I “got it“.  Its kind of hard to explain “got it” to someone who doesn’t have it.  I got excited about God.  I realized my relationship with God trough Jesus Christ was what I had been missing.  It was the answer to the emptiness in my soul that I tried to fill with “sometimes religion” and whatever else made me feel better for a moment.

When I earnestly sought a relationship with God instead of a weak  attempt at obeying the rules, my life changed.  My life changed because I allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me and my heart changed.  Instead of trying to obey the rules of  a God I did not really feel connected with I was now building a relationship with the God who loved me and I was loving Him back.

As a result, in an instant for me, I wanted to be about;  being with God, worshiping God, learning about God, doing God’s work, and being with others as they gathered to do the same thing.  The Sunday morning gathering of believers, we call church, became my weekly pep-rally.  It was a time of refueling, rebooting, and getting pumped up to do God’s work when I wasn’t at church.  Church was a way to get me back on track.  And if I missed a gathering, I had a feeling of being spiritually disconnected.  That connection was hard to get back in my just me and God alone times.

I can probably count on one hand the times I have missed the weekly gathering in the last twenty-five years.

You know…. We are actually commanded by God to gather as His family.  Why?  Because He is God and He knows what is best for us.  We are not naturally spiritual people.  We are physical human beings who naturally try to meet our physical and emotional needs through things of the world instead of spiritually.

So… We need a spiritual pep-rally.  Whatever day of the week.

Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness; let us exalt his name together. Ps 34:3

Even when Jesus taught us to pray, he taught us to pray together.  The Lord’s prayer begins with, Our Father who is in heaven. Matt 6:9

Throughout the New Testament, over fifty times, we are told to be with and be doing for each other.  That can of course only be done when we are together.

So….  the question you may have is, “Why do I not enjoy the weekly pep-rallies?” 

Before you go changing churches again because you don’t feel the pep-rally spirit, check your heart.  It could possibly be church problems, but most likely it is a heart problem.  Like I had.  The same church that I was drug too became the church that I couldn’t wait to get too.

There are bad things that happen at churches because there are people at churches who do bad things.  But most of the time, the reason Christians are not enjoying the gatherings, it is because they are missing the connections.  When we are connected to God and His people, the pep-rally spirit is there when you gather.

Looking forward to Sunday.  Your brotha from anotha motha