As the pastor/shepherd of God’s family at LCC this has been quite a week for me.  Most of you know that a month or so back we decided to up the spiritual intensity of our search for the next place for LCC to be our gathering place.  I have asked our church to focus on Praying Until Something Happens. (PUSH)  Every week I provide a daily check list, Sat-Friday, to help us remember to pray every day for our search. 
Have you been praying?  Many of you have reported to me you have been and will continue to do so.
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.  Eph 3:20
Why pray every day?  We want to be doing God’s will, we want discernment, wisdom, opportunities, courage, stronger faith, vision and certainly God’s favor.  As for me, I would like the writing to be on a wall,next to a burning bush, as we look through parted water so everyone can look at it and say, “That’s God and He is making it very clear.”  I said I would like that, bit that’s usually not how God works.  Although He can if He wants.  (See Moses)
So….You ask… Why has this been “quite a week for me”?  All of the sudden, God seems to be giving us some “good looks” as the Mavericks players would say.  So this week has been intense, tiring, exciting, social, and gasoline consuming.  (I have been driving around looking and talking a lot)  The last 11 months, that’s right, it has been eleven months, it has seemed that we have been having a desert experience. (Again see Moses)  This is not the the part of the Moses story for which I had been hoping.  Its not the fun part of the journey, but it is the spiritual growth part.
A group of us went yesterday to look at a very possible place to settle down.  I have also been talking to a couple of churches about another move transitionally that would put us back on Sunday morning.  One of them, is just about a done deal if we feel lead to go that way.
So…..PUSH has stirred up some move out of or move more toward getting out of the desert experience
So… Again … Saturday night I will be updating the LCC family with what we know so farAnd part of that is that we could be on Sunday morning within a couple of weeks.
Now, what can friends and family of LCC do to help?
  1. Keep praying until something happens. (You don’t have to go to LCC to pray for us.  I know we have many prayers warriors who are part of other church families)
  2. LCC family… Get Excited.  Your level of emotion will affect your activity.
  3. Get an attitude.  Pray for your level of commitment.  Crossing the Jordan was not a laid back approach to following God.  It was scary.
  4. If you have been laying back because of the Saturday nights or the uncertainty of what is next… Reconnect and Reload
  5. Get back into regular church attendance and service.  We have some faithful people who are wore out and may need a breather to refresh themselves.
  6. Pray about what level of sacrifice you can step up to.  Ask God to take you to another level.
  7. Invite friends.  Tell people you know online and off line why you love and are part of the LCC family.
  8. If you have been out and unplugged.  Come back. This is your family and we love you.
  9. We are going to need LCCers to use their skills of leadership, hospitality, organization, muscle strength, and whatever other gift God has given you to build up the body.  I know God has gifted us in our church with the people we need to do the job.
  10. Have a “whatever” you want me to do Jesus attitude.
  11. BONUS – Prepare to have Coffee and Homemade cookies on Sunday morning.  We are going back to being LCC.
You think watching the Mavericks has been fun?  In a week their season will be done.  In a few years their NBA championship will be a question of trivia.  The LCC ministry will go on for eternity and change the lives of the people God puts in our path.  We will make a forever difference in people’s lives thanks to the awesome privilege God gives us as His family.
Whew…..  “Can I get a witness.”  That’s a little old school but I got excited and I am old.
If you can… Please be at church on Saturday night … And bring somebody
Thanks for reading.  God bless you…
Your brotha from anotha motha