Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  I got an email this week with a quote that said, “Thanksgiving is a day we pause and give thanks for the things we have.  Memorial day is a day when we pause and give thanks for the people who fought for the things we have.”    I hope you take some time this weekend to be grateful for what we have because we live in a blessed and free country and our freedom does not come cheap.  Pray for our soldiers who have given their lives and for the comfort of their families, and for the soldiers who are in harm’s way today and ongoing comfort for their families.
I had a fun week and I am looking forward to a fun weekend.  Our small group and some will be having a cookout on Sunday afternoon.  I really love having friends over and it is a blast to serve them by cooking on the grill.  I have developed a skill over the years for flipping a burger and moving many burgers around the grill avoiding hotspots and humongous flames so they come off the grill very tasty.  (Most of the time)
I hope you had a fun week.  That’s not always easy.  I mean to have a fun week.  But it is always attainable.  Fun is in your head.  I have friends who do things that are fun that seem weird to me.  My friends James and Dennis love to build things and work on home projects.  I just don’t get the fun in that, but they do.  Its in the head.  Its how we are wired.  Fun  is also a state of mind.
Are you having fun today?  You don’t have to wait till you get off work…. Have fun now.  There was a local DJ that used to close his show with, “Keep smiling and make the whole world wonder what you have been up to.” 
The sad thing is that if you are in the wrong state of mind, the things that are normally fun for you may not give you much joy.  You have to put yourself in the “I am going to have fun” mindset.
What is fun for me may be weird to some of you.  I love teaching and talking about God.  I love standing in front of a group of people and teaching and sitting with a group or with a friend and discussing God and the many blessings we have because of the freedom we have that was bought and paid for by Jesus Christ.  IT IS WHAT FLOATS MY BOAT AND MELTS MY BETTER.  It gives me great joy and it is just plain ole fun to me.  But, It does not always work out that way.  Sometimes I am not in the state of mind to even get joy out of the things that I love to do.
Well…..  This week was a very fun week for me….  Why?
Saturday I was feeling stressed.  I had a nervous uptight feeling in my gut.  You know what I am talking about, we are all there sometimes.  I got to the church building on Saturday and I was not feeling it.  All week long I had been looking forward to what I was prepared to teach and now a couple of hours before I was going to do what I love to do… Yuck .. I was not feeling the joy.
So thankfully, God gave me a little kick in the rear.  I started thinking how thankful and joyful I should feel about the many blessings I have and I just decided,  “I am going to have fun.”  So when our preservice people started showing up, our worship team and technical people I started purposefully having fun.  Guess what…  It was awesome.  When LCCers started arriving for church I was in the joy zone.  And when it was time for me to do what I love to do most, I presented the Word of God with such excitement and fun.
That put my whole week in the perspective of fun.  I hung out with a friend at Starbucks Monday night.  We had fun talking about our lives and God.  I had a blast teaching our teens on Wednesday night.  I met with a couple of other people this week including my old pastor Brother Jimmy.  And then last night, my sister-in-law Tina joined me to co-host Life Support TV and it was so much fun the hour went by in about a minute.
Sorry for the long post… But I am having fun.
Are you?  Having fun I mean…..  If you are not…  Don’t wait for the holiday weekend…  Start now…
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Please join us on Saturday Night as I continue to teach from Galatians.  I called the series:  Rescued from Religion.  This weeks message is “Become a Person of Influence.”
Bring a friend…..  And Happy Memorial Day Weekend.