I sure hope, especially after our recent very cold weather, you have figured out a way to get out and enjoy the weather God is blessing us with right now.  What an awesome week this has been.  If anyone needs me to run an errand for you on my motorcycle give me a call and I will try to fit it in my list.  (No large furniture please)
Ok…Here is the question of the day:  Are you a reader?  And you ask… Why do you ask?
A friend sent me a WSJ article this week about “Borders Book Store” filing bankruptcy.  (How Much Do You Read These Days?)  The author writes: “The retailer was battered by a number of factors, including the rise of electronic books, the dominance of Internet retailing and the poor economy.  But the store’s troubles also stem from a major cultural shift: People simply don’t read as much anymore.”
Did you get that last part?…. “People simply don’t read as much anymore.”   I guess this goes along with the major culture shifts of, less people go to church, more people are overweight, less people exercise, less people read their Bibles, more people are depressed and struggle with anxiety disorders, more people are in prison, sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, more women are cheating on their husbands, less people are staying married, less people vote…. and the culture shift in America toward the negative goes on and on.
Almost every list I read about how to be better people, written by people who are known for being better people starts with…READ…. I remember when I was not a reader.  I got out of high school by using Cliff Notes.  I never read a book.  I have spent my adult life trying to catch up.  When I did not read I remember feeling like a lesser person.  When I committed my life to God He gave me a hunger to read and be a learner.  Life has been much more fun and rewarding since I started following Christ, studying my Bible, and reading….. And the best way to read is to digest a well balanced list of classics, new, biographies, poetry (I don’t do well with that one), fiction, philosophy…….and the list goes on….  And if you are well grounded in the Word of God it makes other reading even more enjoyable as you have the wisdom to discern what you read.
Unfortunately…Even though we know that reading is beneficial in our emotional, mental, and spiritual growth… Most people don’t read….
Thank you for listening…..  Let’s be readers….