I could not sleep last night……It was not a bad I couldn’t sleep.  It was a good I couldn’t sleep.  It was an anxious I couldn’t sleep.  It was not a bad anxiety as in fear or dread I couldn’t sleep…..It was excitement and anticipation.
It was like when I was a kid, my cousins were in town, and we were getting up in the morning to go to Six Flags.  We didn’t have season passes back then so Six Flags was an exciting once a year opportunity.  I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.  I went to bed with my clothes on so I would be ready.
My favorite ride was the log ride.  It was awesome to hit the water hard with a log boat full of my family and get soaked together.  The more we could get in the log the better.  And it wasn’t about getting wet.  It was about experiencing it with the people that I loved being with the most….Family…
I could not sleep last night because I am excited about what God is going to do through Life Connection Church in 2011.  The last six months have been a tough time of transition for LCC.  And I can feel it in my spirit….. Can you?  I love being in the LCC boat with family.  We have been going through the slow part of the ride this last six months.  We are going up the hill…….and we are about to go over the top.
We are going to shoot down the hill and the more we have in the boat the bigger splash we are going to make.  Lets rock it….  You know what I am talking about….Leaning forward and rocking forward and back to gain momentum.  And here is the best part.  Jesus is in the front of the boat.  He is the heavy weight that is going to make the ride more thrilling.  I can feel it.  I can just feel it.  I keep smiling and the excitement is building.  And Lisa and I are with family.  I wish you could see the grin on my face and I hope you can feel the joy in my heart.
I feel like a kid and the youthful feeling is coming from THE ONE who makes all things new.  God’s grace is more refreshing than being soaked with a huge splash on a hot summer’s day.
For those of you LCCers who have so faithfully been in the boat….. Thank You… Thank You …. Thank You…..  The ride is about to get more exciting.  Bring you friends……They want to experience the ride as well…..Some just don’t know it…and others are waiting to be asked…..They know its not fun riding the ride by themselves.
If you are missing it, get back in the boat.  The more people, the more fun.  And thanks to those friends who have been praying for our ride and supporting us in other ways.  You never know how big the splash is going to be, but rocking the boat together, and leaning forward as we go over the hill is part of the excitement of the ride.
January 1 is this Saturday…..If we were meeting on Sunday we would miss being in the boat with Jesus together on day one of 2011.  Celebrate the new year, sleep late….and then join us on Saturday for the ride.
Your brotha from anotha motha