I have started a Youtube account (see link above) and am working on putting up videos to help people through life using biblical teachings and discussions applied to every day life and other hopefully inspirational life lessons. ( I would love some ideas or your input)  I have called my site, “Life Support TV“.  Like Facebook, millions of people search Youtube for videos every day.   The Christian world is not making much of an impact on YoutubeI have been praying about how to do that.  I have been researching how people network and how the most popular sites become popular.  They do a lot of networking.  Sites are weighted, more available, and even promoted by youtube according to viewership, subscriptions, how many comments are made, and how many interactions there are with the site.  I believe this is a great opportunity to touch the lives of people who never go to church and have no Christian friends for free.  There are many millions of people looking at sites for fun that don’t really do anything but entertain.  I am praying about making an impact.

 You can help with this ministry.  How? you might ask.
  • Set up a free youtube account and subscribe to my site.  And ask my site to be a friend.
  • Make comments
  • Forward videos you like to others or link to them on your Facebook page.
  • Subscribe to other positive youtube sites.  I will pass some on to you when I come across them.
  • And pray for the ministry opportunities.
I would also like to set up an email list to send my videos and others so you can see them and pass them on.  If you would like to be included on that email list then reply back and tell me you want on the list.
I will be putting some time into this and hopefully we can make an impact.  We also have a new Life Connection Church Facebook page.  It is!/pages/North-Richland-Hills-TX/Life-Connection-Church/173336849359255   If you are on Facebook befriend or like this site and we will be uploading pictures and videos about the goings on of LCC.  Get your friends to befriend the site also.
Thanks and God Bless from your brotha from anotha motha