I hope your week is going well.  Some of you are well into Christmas shopping while others are having a little trouble getting motivated.  I understand.  Thankfully Lisa does most of, well pretty much all of our Christmas shopping.  And it is way better to have someone deliver packages to your front door than to go near a mall.  Just sayin.  I am thankful for a “get after it efficient Christmas shopping” wife.

Again this year, I am getting the emails and hearing Christians yelling the battle cry, “Put Christ back in Christmas.”  For some reason we don’t understand that people who are not Christians do not want to put Christ back in Christmas.  As we would not be excited about saying happy Allah-mas.  Here is the deal.  Christ is in all things.  Christ is from the beginning.  Christ is at the malls all year around.  Christ is still God if the lady at the cash register says “Happy Holidays”. 

Here is the questionAre we putting Christ back in the Christians?  Are we good representatives of Christ’s love and power in all areas of our lives including the times we are dealing with over worked under paid part-time employees trying to make ends meet and have a Christmas for their children whether they call it Christmas or not?  (whew…long sentence)

There is a music video going around the internet of a lady who saw the line to see Santa at the mall and thought, “Where is the line to see Jesus?”  It is a sweet song.  Here is the answer.  The first person in line to see Jesus every day should be us Christ-followers.  We, as Christ’s representatives here on earth should anxiously be at the front of the line to see Jesus all of the time. (Its called a lifestyle of worship)  And here is the deal.  If we are the first in line and people see our excitement and they see His love through us, (and not our yelling about happy holidays) then people will get in line to see Jesus.  Right behind us….

How about you?  The line starts here…..