I heard on TV this week that Halloween is the second most popular holiday behind Christmas.  Does that seem weird to you at all?  I mean think about it.  Christmas is about redemption, loving and gifting each other, and God loving us so much He sent His Son as the best gift as the sacrifice to pay for our sins in order that we might be connected to God’s love and receive a full and eternal life.  It is a season of love and generosity.  And then there is Halloween.  Its mostly about evil spirits, goblins, witches, zombies, death, and people dressing up their houses and selves and being people of the dark for a night.  Christmas is about life, Halloween death.  Christmas light, Halloween dark.  It is a great picture of what the Bible calls “Spiritual Warfare”.

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  Eph 6:12

 Now don’t go hating on me because you love Halloween.  Who doesn’t like a holiday in which you get free candy, especially Nestles Crunch Bars?….  But is it not just a little weird to you that companies, cities, and school districts that won’t let you say Merry Christmas or put out a Nativity Scene, that represents love and life, will allow you to come to work dressed as a mass murderer with a chain saw and fake blood all over your face and clothes.  Just sayin….. 

 They say that Merry Christmas offends…..Give me a break.

 How much do you think about the spiritual world?  How much do you even know about it?

 For the next couple of Saturdays at Life Connection Church we will be looking to see what the Bible says about the spiritual world. 

 If it is about spiritual warfare, then who is fighting who?  What does each side represent?  How familiar are you with the Holy Spirit?  How about the devil?  Do you believe in the devil?  How powerful is he?  What is up with the Holy spirit anyway?  Is the Holy Spirit God?  As Christians, what role does the Holy Spirit play in our lives?  How about in the lives of the unbeliever?  We will be answer these and many other questions in the next couple of Saturdays. 

And you thought that getting free candy was exciting?

Please join us at LCC tomorrow night  at 6PM as I start a series I am calling “Spirit”.