The last couple of weeks I have been teaching a series from the book of Psalms I am calling, “Desperate for God“.  We have been created in God’s image and to worship God and whether we realize it or not we are desperate for Him. We have to have Him to live. The foundation for all of our anxieties and fears is our separation from God. For the unbeliever there is always the search to fill the God-sized void with which we are born. For the reborn believer in Christ, the possibility of feeling fulfilled and content is always there, the determining factor is at what level of commitment we are living in relation to worshiping God and allowing Jesus to be Lord over our lives. The Bible tells us when we are away from God, we are in the dark. When we are connected to God through Jesus Christ, we come out of the dark and into his marvelous and healing Light.

Unless you were underground somewhere, you witnessed or heard of the amazing rescue of the Chilean miners this week. It was nonscripted, riveting and very emotional reality TV. Thirty-three men trapped underground for sixty-nine days. For seventeen days they had no evidence from above they would ever be rescued. Then when they found out there was a chance they had to wait another fifty-two days underground. Most people I talked to did not think they could possibly have survived through such an ordeal. Can you imagine being in a hole underground in the dark with no assurance of ever coming out for such a long time. How did they survive?

Many of the survivors have reported that they made it because of their faith in God. Fox News did a report on “The Power of Faith” (Click this title for video) in survival. The miners said they were with God and the devil and God won.  Faith is what makes weak people strong and gives them the strength to survive. The first thing they asked for after being found was a Bible. Report after report after interviewing survivors communicate that faith in God is the most important survival tool.

The apostle Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me the strength I need.”

These poor men were forced and trapped in the dark. Unfortunately when it comes to the typical Christian, we spend most of our lives choosing to be in the dark. Even though we have been saved, or rescued from the darkness and brought into God’s light, we choose continually to go against God in our every day lives and live in the dark. Many believers live their every day lives as unbelievers do without seeking out God’s will. For some, it takes the high anxiety and depression that comes from being separated from God to seek renewal or reconnection and light restoration. Sadly, even though deep inside they know better, I have known Christians that have chosen to live in the dark, in pain for a long time when all it would take is turning from the dark of the world into the light of Jesus.

This Saturday I will be finishing the series “Desperate for God” in the Psalm 51. I am calling this message, “New and Renewed with God”. Whatever level of darkness or light you are currently living in, you can always take it to the next level and thrive instead of survive.