Yesterday was a pretty incredible day for Lisa and I and our family.  Our first grandbaby was born.  I knew it was going to be incredible and we were anxiously awaiting her arrival, but it is even better than I thought.  The instant and intense love that Lisa and I felt for Poppy Grace was overwhelming and all consuming.  I remember that feeling when our kids were born and I was not sure how or if it would measure up…. IT DOES ….

Our daughter Brooke, Poppy’s mother, is doing great and Poppy came into this world a very healthy 8lb 5oz, and 18.5 inches long.  It is crazy how much she looks like Brooke’s newborn picture.

I made a welcome video from Lisa and I too Poppy.  You can see it on my blog here….  Welcome to Poppy

As excited as I am about my new grandbaby and we are when our children are born, God, our Father, is even more excited about and pleased with us.  The Bible teaches us that God and His angels have a major party in heaven when we are reborn into His family. (See Luke 15)   When we become followers of Christ, reborn into the family, God and all of His angels stop what they are doing and party. 

And…..This gives God great pleasure…. (Check out Eph 1:5) You know what I am talking about.  The pleasure when that baby is born.  And God’s is even stronger because He is pure love.

Poppy looks so much like Brooke.  God does the same with us.  He makes us in his image.  (Gen 1:27  and Gen 5:3)


Thanks to you for all your prayers.  And thanks to our Father in heaven for blessings better than we can imagine.

This Saturday I will be continuing my series: Relationship Status: It’s Complicated.. This weeks talk is “Friendship – Are you a Friend?”.

I think you would have to agree, we have all had complicated friendship situations.  And what happens when a friendship goes bad?  Pain, betrayal, loneliness.

This week we will see how the Bible says we can have good and powerful friendships.  Oh…It’s complicated.  But God makes it simple.

Join us Saturday evening and bring a friend