There are many good things going on at LCC as we end the summer and head into the fall.  Maybe as much as in the new year, with school starting, people look at their lives and their schedules and do a little assessment on where they are and where they want to go and lead their family.  Many of your friends are asking spiritual questions and considering going to church either for the first time or getting back into a church family.  Survey after survey gives us data that says that as many as 9 out of 10 unchurched people would attend a church if invited and accompanied by a friend.  Who have you invited to church lately?

Did you know that most Christians never even bring up spiritual conversations with people who do not go to church or have the same faith?  Most are afraid that if they did bring up the subject it would be met with a negative response or they would be asked a question or questions that may embarrass them. 

How about you?  Does it feel weird to profess a faith that you really can’t explain?  Or maybe, just maybe, it is more common than not, you once were really excited about your faith and now you have lost some of your enthusiasm.  

Author Gordon MacDonald wrote:   I came to the conclusion that there is an experiential sense in which commitment to Jesus remains vigorous only if one re-believes and renews his/her conversion every day.”  

In the last two weeks I have had conversations with two different believers who were really struggling with dealing with the spiritual doubts of people in their lives.  I am excited that they were honest and concerned and sought help.

Remember, being a Christian is not very easy, its not supposed to be.  But…..It is simple….There are some simple practices a Christian can do to grow in her faith, experience the excitement and joy of following the Lord, and be ready to share her experience with others in a confident and convincing way.  One of the results of growing in our faith is a passion to tell others and God presenting more opportunities to share our spiritual “Jesus following” experiences.

That is going to be the topic of this Saturday’s talk.  “Christianity: Living a Faith You Can Explain.”  We will look at some of the ways Jesus said we should feel about our faith and ask ourselves some questions to find out where we are according to Jesus’ promises.  Then we will look at some simple and practical ways to take it up a notch or two or three.  I am really excited to be teaching a message that deals with issues Christians struggle with every day.

Also, to help take you to another level, we will be offering classes this fall called Foundations that will help you with the important foundations of the faith to help you grow and build your confidence to explain your faith. 

September 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6

                                Foundations: Creation (4 Weeks)

 How Did God Create?

Supernatural Creation

Truths about Creation

More Truths about Creation

Divorce Care will also begin in September…..  Click this link… 

Mailer and Grand Opening

We are officially calling Saturday, August 28, our grand opening at Shady Grove.  Today a 20,000 piece mailer has been taken to the post office and people will start receiving them this weekend and the first of next week.  We should have copies at church tomorrow so you can use them to invite friends.  On the 28th I will begin a teaching a series I am calling “Relationship Status”.  The first session is called, “Its Complicated”, and over a four Saturday period I will deal with the subject everyone has problems with, complicated relationships.  I have attached the graphic for the series to this email.  It is on our web site and on the mailer.

This will be a great practical series for inviting a friend.  Be praying about that neighbor or co-worker you could invite.

Then after church on the 28th we will be having an LCC family event at Main Event in Grapevine.  We went there as a church event several years ago and it was great family fun.

Please email to let him know you are attending or sign up at church tomorrow night.

We are doing ministry and family at LCC.  I hope you will join us and bring your friends…

Don’ forget.  A new place and a new time is a perfect reason to reinvite someone to church.