Here is a great note to graduates from Cal Thomas.  If you don’t read him you ought to…..

It’s been many years since I was asked to deliver a commencement address, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I might say. This would be my abridged speech to the Class of 2010:

I’ve just observed the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation. When my father went to his 50th, I thought he was an old man. I don’t feel old.
Where will you be in 50 years? You can plan now. Ask people older than yourself to tell you their mistakes so you can avoid making the same ones. You will make enough of your own.

We live in a “feelings” world, not an intellectual one. “It can’t be wrong when it feels so right,” says the song lyric. Yes it can, and often is. Make economic and relational choices based on cold hard facts, not feelings. Feelings come and go. Truth remains forever.

Live within your means. There is no shame in being middle class, even poor. What is shameful is being in debt, which enslaves you to outside forces at high interest rates. Look at debtor governments, including America. Economic freedom is a precious gift. If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it to satisfy your lusts.

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