Note to friends and family of Life Connection Church in Euless, TX

I hope you are having a good to incredible week.  God is good for sure.  Sometimes we just have to look past stuff just a little bit to see it and see Him interacting with our lives.  If you are having a bad day….Stop…Take a couple of deep breaths….and ask God to remind you of your many blessings….It is a pretty quick mood changer….Then put a smile on your face and bless someone else…..Try it…..  

Last Sunday was an incredible day at LCC……We had a great time as a family worshiping God and looking into the Gospel of Luke as Jesus taught us to be persistent and humble in our prayer life.  We also celebrated through baptism the life change and commitment to live for Christ of an incredible lady.  It was a very moving time in the service for her and for all of us as we witnessed her obedience and prayed to come along side her to walk together as a Christ following community of faith.   The life changing power of God’s presence was so powerful during the baptism time.  Then, Jesus was definitely present as we remembered His sacrifice and that we will be with Him in Heaven one day as we took communion together. 

It was truly a sweet family time with our Lord on Sunday morning and I pray that those of you who were present took Him with you and thought of Him and served him throughout the week.  God is good.  And there is nothing more joy filling than hanging out with the Spirit of God.  

As we study through the Bible we are reminded on every page that God’s ways are not our ways and as humans we do not think like God thinks.  This Sunday is Mother’s Day and God worked it out that as I teach through the Gospel of Luke that on this day, we will see how God thinks about children.  Many of us grew in a home that believed children were to be seen and not heard.  Others grew up in a home where there was not much in the way of guidance or connection from parents.  Children are often thought of as second class citizens and there are enough messed up adults in the world to see that many lack parenting skills and just kind of parent without a whole lot of thought put into the outcome.  

What does Jesus think about our children and the other children with whom we come into contact?  And if we are God’s children, as the Bible teaches, then what should our Father child relationship with God look like.  

God’s ways are not our ways and He does not think like most people think about children.  This Sunday we will learn from the red letters of the Gospel of Luke God’s ways and God’s thoughts about children.  

 I hope to see you Sunday, and bring a friend on this Mother’s Day 2010.  

 Your brotha from anotha motha Royal