Dear Friends of LCC,
If you have been around me, LCC, or LCCers for anytime at all, you know that we are about loving God and loving people, and what better time to do that than during the official season of love.  The Christmas season has kicked off.  What a great time to show the world that Christmas is about the Love of God being given to a world that needs Him desperately through His Son Jesus Christ. 
We kicked off the season on Thursday night as twelve LCCers served the evening meals at The Union Gospel Mission.  This is the same mission written about in The Same Kind of Different As Me.   Nothing changes two people’s lives like serving and being served.  I have heard some powerful testimony as to the effect of serving those in need from the one’s from LCC who did the serving.  And like I said, that was just the start.  LCCers serve year round, but we take it up a few notches during this season.  We still have some slots available to serve in many different ways through Christmas day.  If you would like to find out more or volunteer, email
 I know you all are going to do some major shopping in the next couple of weeks.  Please consider spending some of your shopping money on someone in need.  Due to the recession, there are more people in our area in need than during a typical Christmas season.  One of the places we are committed to assisting in ministry is Six Stones Mission Network in Euless.  They have helped more people out in the last quarter than they ever have before and they are short of food and clothing.  So how is this for a great idea?  Buy food and clothing for those who cannot buy for themselves.  You can call Six Stones and ask how you can best help restock their shelves at 817.868.7400 or email then at
You can see a reminder of the opportunities at this Link…..LCC 2009 Serving Opps…..
Besides all the serving we will be doing, we will be celebrating also.  We have an after church cover dish Christmas party coming up in December.  We will be having our Midnight Christmas Eve Service at 11:45 pm on Christmas Eve.  We will sing Christmas carols, have a candle light service, communion, and celebrate some baptisms at midnight on Jesus’ birthday.  If you have not been to a midnight service you have to come, it is a really special time.
My Christmas teaching series, beginning Dec 6,  will be, “Dreaming of a Bright Christmas and a Happy New Me“. 
Who are you praying about inviting to church?  We are doing some things online to help you introduce your friends to “The church behind the 7-11”.  Some people are not sure what to expect so we are giving them a peek inside online.  Check out my new video blog site:  Royal’s Videos     I have been uploading some 10 Minute teaching times from Sunday as well as our Video announcements and other videos to teach and hopefully entertain.  Check it out and use it to introduce a friend to LCC.  Also, make sure you are familiar with
I hope you have a full, in more ways than one, and awesome Thanksgiving…..
I will see you on Sunday and bring a friend.  if you do not have a church you call home, please be our guest this Sunday.
Your brotha from anotha motha