It is that time of year….Halloween is this weekend and then people are going to start focusing on the holiday season.  Ask people what they like about the season, and unless you hear depressing stories, you hear how it is about love, and caring, and family, and giving…You know what I’m talking about….It is like a built in season for an excuse for loving people.  And as far as the depressing stories go…You can turn that around by loving people.

We know as Christians that we don’t need an excuse to Love People.  We are commanded to love.  Jesus told us that if we want to follow Him, and obey His commands, the best and simplest way to do that is to “Love God and Love People.”  So LGLP is what we are all about at LCC.  And we spend the year looking for opportunities through our Deeds of Kindness ministry to be God’s love with skin.

So…One of the things I love about this time of year is that everybody and his brother has built in for us opportunities to be God’s love with skin.  We don’t have to be creative.  There are places to serve during this season all over the place.  And we are taking advantage of the opportunity to “show the love” and be the love.

Last Sunday I challenged the incredible LGLP people of LCC that we have 100% participation in serving and showing God’s love somewhere.  And we are lining up plenty of opportunities for you to serve with room to bring your family and friends to serve along side you.  Is there a better way to hang out with friends and family then to be showing God’s love to someone who really needs it, especially during this season?

Pastor Brent Schneider is our point man (, and he has been on the phones offering ministry help all over the place.  And we have plenty of opportunities, places, and times for you to serve and for us to serve together as a LGLP community of faith.

Here is an excerpt from the email Brent sent out yesterdayStart signing up and look forward to more opportunities.

ANGEL TREE MALL ADOPTION/COLLECTION TEAMS: November 28 & December 12  (N.E. Mall & Grapevine Mills)

Most of us have been a part of adopting a Christmas Angel (an area child that is economically challenged)…but have you ever assisted people in the adoption process of an angel or collected the many many gifts for the kiddos?? It’s amazing! These two teams will be made up of people who will give 2-3 hours on either date to help eager families at our local malls select their angels & collect the gifts. (Time Schedules Available Sunday)

ANGEL TREE “Santa’s Warehouse” DISTRIBUTION TEAM: December 23

Folks, this one is OUTSTANDING & WILL ROCK YOUR HEART!!! Imagine being side by side with other LCCers, friends, and family (86 in total) distributing the ACTUAL gifts to the ANGEL FAMILIES/KIDS!!!! Yes, that’s right…YOU will be in the most JACKED UP ENERGY FILLED toy warehouse you have ever been in – why? Check this out…every twenty minutes (on schedule) a new bus arrives with Angel Families/Kids and YOU get to be their “Santa” (for a lack of other words)…personally helping them one by one find their gifts, load them in a cart, and helping them back out to the buses. AND best yet…the 86 volunteers I spoke of earlier…that’s just US!!! LCC will run the warehouse that morning!

*Special note – this is a great opportunity to reach-out and invite co-workers, friends, and family to come join the team! And I will tell you ahead of time, tissue is a great thing! This will BLOW YOU AWAY!!! I can’t think of a better way to show someone the LOVE that LCC has for people than for them to see it IN PERSON!!! (Time Schedules Available Sunday)


Grab the family and come serve up a warm meal! Enjoy that special Christmas morning and then come the team serving meals to the homeless Christmas day. Our teams will be serving in 2 hour shifts during the lunch meal – limited number of spots available…all welcome! Bring out the entire family! (Time Schedules Available Sunday)

 NIGHT OF WONDERS – H.E.B. Partnership With 6 Stones Mission Network: TBA

Locally, there are many many families needing that extra assistance this Christmas. Well, we’ve formed a great alliance with the H.E.B. School District & 6 Stones Mission Network to adopt 10 local schools and specifically…the families in need at each one. LCC has adopted Lakewood Elementary as our focus school to support and make that NIGHT OF WONDERS come true! Families will be hearing the TRUE Christmas Story in an exciting evening full of encouragement and GIFTS! Each family in attendance will be receiving a FULL CHRISTMAS meal they can prepare on Christmas day. (More Details To Come)

These are going to be great opportunities to show God’s love and finish out our year worshiping God by loving people who need his love the most.

Come Serve With me

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