weekly email to LCC

Dear Friends,

I hope your week is going well.  It has been a bit soggy out there……Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Florida??……

This Sunday we are kicking off Jean Dream 2009.  I did a post on it last week and you can find it by clicking here (-:   I will be bringing some like new and not too used jeans from my closet this Sunday.  I have been hoping to skinny up enough to wear um, but maybe I need to donate them to someone who can wear them now and start over…..

Here is an excerpt from an email Brent sent out this week on the plan:

JEAN DREAM 2009: If you are not aware of this by now, please jump on board now! We’ve launched this incredible “touch of love” to clothe the MANY right here in Hurst-Euless-Bedford that need clothing for the upcoming winter. One way to help us is to BRING YOUR JEANS this weekend! I sat in a meeting today @6stones Mission Network discussing the report that was released today showing over 1300 PEOPLE received some kind of support @6 Stones in September. WOW~! As a partner Church, we (LCC) can and will step in the gap to help.  The need is great and the need is NOW!!!


So what is LCC’s plan??? Along with challenging each of us to find 10 jeans to donate, we will be connecting with neighborhoods near and around LCC to gather jeans through “Jean Drive Teams”. We need  (5) team captains to step up – all you have to do is guide your team (which we will be gathering volunteers for this weekend and next – and setting a date for in the near future) through the neighborhoods to gather jeans. We will send ahead “doorcard” teams to let people know that we will be coming through to gather jeans…and on the backside…we’ll be thanking each family for contributing to JEAN DREAM 09’ — I hope you see this, we’re connecting with the community in a non-threatening way and who knows what doors will be opened. We need 5 team captains…who are you??? REPLY TEAM CAPTAIN


I know money is really tight for many people at this time, so what a practical way to be God’s love with skin.  How about your neighbors?  I am sure they have some jeans that don’t fit their kids any more.  What a great way to introduce yourself and tell them about LCC.  A lot of people in our neighborhoods are thinking about going to church and checking out God and are just not sure where to go or who they can go with.  Now they will know one of their neighbors goes to a local church that loves God and loves people.

If you are part of the LCC family or are looking for a church home please join us this Sunday.  I am teaching us through the Gospel of Luke and we are learning from Jesus what He is all about and how we are to go about following Him day to day.  We have been in Chapter 12 for the past couple of weeks and Jesus has warned us that, if we are not careful, it is easy to make things and people in life more important than Him.  It comes to us naturally.  You can hear those talks at the LCC online teaching site by going to http://www.lifeconnectionchurch.org/Pages/downloads.cfm .

Last week, at the end of the teaching time, I asked LCCers to be sold out in every area of their lives to following Jesus.  Many of you made that commitment via your connection cards and asked me to pray for you to be “sold out”.  I have been praying that for you this week and will continue to do so.  I pray that you are sold out at home, in your jobs, in your neighborhoods, and when you are alone.  I pray that in everything you do, you do it for Jesus.  Working to look at everything through the eyes of Jesus will definitely change your perspective.  And the more you focus, the clearer it becomes

This Sunday is Jesus’ follow up.  I am calling the talk, “The Cure for the HGN Virus“. 

Join us Sunday and bring a friend.  More people are thinking about God and church this season of year and more people do not have a church family than at any other point in US history.

Your brotha from anotha motha