Do you struggle much with worry?  As a counselor and a pastor I talk to people every day who worry.  When they are not worried about one thing they turn their worry on something else.  We have been created by God to focus on, or worship God.  When we don’t focus on God there is a void in our lives that we try to fill with other things, but you can’t fill a God-sized void with anything but God.  So, it creates worry which leads to anxiety and if left unchecked, depression.

In Luke 12, Jesus addresses to major anxieties that have the same root cause of not putting God first.  Greed, or the constant need or want to have more, and worry which is the constant sense that we don’t have enough or don’t measure up.  It is not easy.  But there is a simple solution to managing or relieving the worry in your life.

I called the talk “The Anxiety of Spiritual Poverty”.   If you have windows media just left click and the audio will stream.  You can right click and “save target as” to download the mp3…..

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