You don’t hear the word integrity in the media a lot now days.  You might hear it in the little good neighbor blurb at the end of a newscast, but for the most part, integrity is a word avoided in today’s cultural belief in no moral absolutes. 

The definition of integrity is a strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct.  Personal honesty and independence; Completeness:unity.  A strict adherence to a value or conduct has become politically incorrect in order to take the pressure off when we make mistakes, or poor choices.  A lack of integrity in America, and especially in our leaders, has created a society of men and women who lack character.  For this reason, bad choices, specifically in the area of morality, are laughed off, denied, forgotten, or even celebrated by people who feel good about not having to measure up to a higher standard.  Take notice of the character of our celebrities and politicians who are made out to be heroes and even worshiped dispite openly living out a life without integrity.

The Hebrew word, “Shalom” means to be whole and pure which produces peace.  A  person with low integrity issues will suffer with anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem and will find no peace no matter how successful he or she is in this world.  A lack of integrity is a cancer to the soul.  A Christian who lacks integrity will be spiritually weak and wonder why he never reaps the benefits that are promised through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus said they will know you are my disciples by your obedience to my commands (in all areas of life – wholeness).  Spiritually weak Christians put a distance between themselves and Christ through lives in which they try and separate their spiritual life from other parts of their life.  By trying to have both, the spiritual life and the worldly life, they are actually choosing to disobey.  This disobedience wipes out the opportunity and the promise of “Shalom” and makes for a very weak faith.  A weak faith is a faith that lacks confidence in God and the human reaction to the anxiety caused will be to run toward the things of the world.  Jesus said, “You can’t serve two masters.”  If you want Shalom, which will encourage strength and peace, you have to live a life of spiritual integrity.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Phil 1:27 

Jesus said, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.”  Matt 5:8  The pure in heart people of integrity will see God and experience Shalom.

What are the benefits of integrity?  The writer of proverbs says that God is pleased when we live a life of integrity.  Prov 11:20

We are influencers of others.  The Bible teaches that when we live a life of integrity we have a positive impact on others, especially our children.  If you want your children to be adults of faith then you have to model integrity to them from the start.  Children look at the actions and the lives of their parents to decide whether God is important or worthy to be worshiped. Prov 20:7

The wholeness of integrity will reduce stress in our lives.  Anxiety is dissolved through wholeness and confidence, courage, and peace are developed.  Pro 10:9

The foundation, for the Christian, and a life of integrity is the Truth of the Word of God.  As we focus on God’s Truth and live it out in every part of our lives, we will grow to be more like Christ and be able to have a peaceful interactive life with the Father at all times and not just when we are in a spiritual service at church or during certain designated spiritual times.  Eph 4:15

Our daily choices, if based on applying the truths of God to our lives will develop a life of peaceful and whole integrity.  Don’t make yor choices based on what is accepted or legal in our world but make wise choices focused on pleasing and honoring our Father in heaven.  Integrity is a moment by moment choice in all areas of  a Christ-follower’s life.

Choose to fill your mind with spiritually healthy food over the garbage the world tries to pass off as entertaining and truth. 

I will lead a life of integrity in my own home. I will refuse to look at anything vile and vulgar. Ps 101:2-3 NLT

If you want strength, power, conviction, passion, and the peace that passes all understanding.  Choose to focus on filling your mind with Jesus and His commands.  2 Pet 1:3-4

 You will be stronger.  And you will provide the hope for change and new supernatural strength for others.

Real change is not created by a worldy government but happens in the hearts of God’s people one at a time….